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WDT 2:3

08/04/22 group show

Pleonasm 31st mar-April 18

Solo show DSFC Mar 2022

DSFC AIR 2021 Sept-Nov

Durham sept 2021-2022

Now that's what I call art! Dec- Jan 2021-22

group show with Systemgallery and Spaghetifactory @NCA group show Dec- Jan 2021-22

Drawing Rooms Lisdoa, Vane stores 2021-22

REA!art Fair 2021 sept

Milan Sept 2021

Drawing Dialogue 3 2019-2021

Keighley Creative June 2021

Artist Res_ @wetproductionsofficial

Residency March 2021,

Baltic open call  2021

Group show  Nov-Sept 2021, Baltic

Animal Behaviour group show

BG-gallery LA 2020


Norfolk street arts. Sunderland 2020

*{Insert Exhibition Title Here}  group show

System  art Gallery @XL gallery2020 Newcastle

*Bank Group show

Gas_Contemporay 2019 North shields

*Afters Group show

Deptford art hub 2019 London

*LIvedrawing residency

Gas_Contemporay 2019 North shields


Gas_Contemporay 2019 North shields

*Aporia 2019

solo show Vane Gallery Newcastle.

*the fringe 2018 

group show breeze.

*the full sentence 2018

solo show. breeze creatives. Newcastle

*Faux-Pas, 2018

Solo show Peoples foyer gallery Newcastle march 2018

*Nihilism - Self-awareness - Morality - Who I am 2014-Mnemonic Residency #1 The Unstitute

*I did it myself.

Group show  Bussey building June 2014

*School 003@ THE SUNDAY PAINTER. May 2012

The third in a series of nomadic seminars in collaboration with The Sunday Painter Education team; recorded live by

*Nepotism; Group show. August 2011

Co-curated and exhibited with Nathan Witt @the Bussey Building/CLF Art Cafe

*Nicotine Memories Group Show. 2009- 2010.

The Talbot at the time was an abandoned Pub a small group of artists including myself had permission to use to put a show on.


5 questions with the artist: Stuart Mel Wilson | Artsted | Artist Analytics

*School, adventures of the contemporary Spirit. 2012.

*I have published some of my writing work ( – Journey 006) and since been asked to write and present my work on a regular basis.


·      Goldsmiths College University of London 2006-2009 – Fine Art BA Hons.

·      Newcastle College 2004-2006 – National Diploma in Fine Art.

Art Related work:

Newcastle Free Press

Newcastle free press, creative writing and art theme topics. 2013

Aotcs Press.

 I currently write for this small house press company 2012-current.

Beaumount Support Services Gateshead Art Group. 2006

I worked with a group of adults with mental health problems, running a short art class once a week.

Visual Dialogs@ the Laing Art gallery in partnership with Tate galleries. 2005-06.

As a young student I worked in a group to come up with a piece to act as a Dialogue to Paula Rego’s Painting ‘The Dance’. I was also invited back to the Laing art gallery to run workshops in 2008 and mentored a trip to London’s Tate galleries where I lead a discussion with the group whilst I was there.

Personal artist statement:

I understand art to be a language. In relation to my work (physically) this is more important. Overall I’m a thief who bastardises images and words to twist, then to create my own narrative. A lot of friends think I should be nastier in my work or more bullish, I think I corrupt one with another, and hope to corrupt responsibly. The Sublime. If you were to strip art back to its bones, it’s only an expression outside of one’s self; very similar to the spoken or written word (but the complex nature of language is more obscure, or for lack of a better word, expressive). I often joke about myself and that my dyslexia has dictated me to express myself in the making of art.

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