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I am an artist from Gateshead who studied and practised in London for some time, before moving back to Newcastle.

To start with why I make my work has progressed and regressed changing over time. I feel it started out being very much that I saw myself as being some kind of scientist or philosopher, I saw it as research or some kind of exploration and then on to some grand expression to mirror the world in which I fall very short of that grandiose thought path. All of that has broken down to be a bit what is a passion and interests which fuel only a small part of the overall, I find myself more of a purest, going to the backbones of how I first approached art. I'm making an impression of the world and time we live in. 

Driving factors behind my work come from philosophy, science to society and understanding of what it is to be human and to think outside of ones own body. My relationship with words and language, the natures of communication like the fight and relationship of words and the image. This competition is a recurring theme. That and I am an idealist and can be somewhat naive when I approach topics like morality and ethics, which along with dogmatic thinking and codex, kind of fill in my interests as an artist.

For the making process, I tend to use found objects then use traditional drawing or mark making (that is conservative in aesthetics but not in my intent).  The use of materials really comes from my desire to not make valuable objects that purely become a commodity and little else matters.

Art must talk where the artist can’t, so this is where I must leave it.

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